Man arrested after disturbance at Casey church services

| February 22, 2010

ELLISBURG — A Casey County man was arrested for public intoxication Sunday shortly after creating a tense scene at Ellisburg Baptist Church by walking into the morning service with a holstered gun.

Donald Howard Goode, 43, of 3295 Ky. 78, was not arrested at the church, but was arrested at a residential home at 12:30 p.m., about an hour after the first call.

Pastor Jerry Adams’ wife, Cathy, said the preaching had already begun Sunday morning when Goode, who had a “grievance” with a member of the congregation, entered the church with a holstered gun on his side. Goode had traveled to the church on his horse.

“The way he was talking (about his grievance) didn’t make any sense,” she said. “It was real frightening for us as a church.”

Cathy Adams said several men who knew Goode very well went outside with him and convinced him to give up the holstered gun and a rifle he had brought on his horse.

Jerry Adams then talked with Goode, and told him he could stay for the service if he wouldn’t cause a disruption or bring his guns inside.

“We were trying to help the guy — (we) didn’t want him arrested or anything,” Cathy Adams said.

When Casey Sheriff’s Deputy Chad Weddle arrived, Goode was inside and gunless, and church members told Weddle they did not want him arrested.

“Some men in the church said they already got the gun from him. He was having some family issues. He was inside, crying, weeping,” Weddle said.

Goode lives close to the church and works for the father of one of the members, Weddle said.

State police also came to church

State Trooper William Gregory said state police from the Columbia Post also responded to the call of a man with a gun at Ellisburg Baptist.

“Any time we hear that, obviously that gives us cause for concern,” he said.

State police left after they were told by the pastor that everything was under control and the congregation would be able to handle the situation. Even if Goode had still been carrying a gun, there was nothing police could have done.

“He was at church with a gun in a holster on his side, which is not illegal,” Gregory said.

After the service, Jerry Adams attempted to talk with Goode and help resolve the situation, Cathy Adams said. But Goode wasn’t in a state of mind where you could reason with him, she said.

Details of what happened next are blurry, but Goode left the church and went to a residential property, where police were again called after he created a disturbance.

Weddle was in the middle of finding a meth lab on Dry Fork Creek in southern Casey County when he received the second call about Goode.

“They called back and said (Goode) went to a neighbor’s house,” Weddle said.

Kentucky State Police Trooper Bryan Shepard arrested Goode at the new location and he was lodged in the Casey County Jail on one charge of alcohol intoxication.

Goode was released Sunday evening on his own recognizance.

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