Man Arrested For Assaulting Woman In Church

| July 16, 2010

(Cordova, TN 07/15/2010) A Cordova mother says inside a House of God, some very evil things happened to her daughter.

Matthew Bronson is accused of sexually assaulting her 30-year old daughter, who has Asperger's syndrome, inside Bellevue Baptist Church. The mother and daughter didn't want to show their faces.

"We know there are sex predators anywhere, even in church. So I said I just want this not to happen again, you know, he may have done this to some other women," explained the mother.

According to court documents, Bronson introduced himself to the woman in the lobby, then sat beside her during service.

"She just went along. I guess she thought he was just being a friend you know, but I think even in the service he was already very fresh with her. He was calling her baby," the mother said.

The affidavit says, not only did he touch her leg, but he "grazed her bra and asked her about her bra size."

Then it says when church was over, he followed her inside the ladies bathroom, "took her hand" and made her touch him inappropriately.

"He kept insisting, he was real forceful and I was like in shock but I should have just called for help," said the victim.

Police say the assault didn't stop there. Bronson ended up going to the woman's home, the affidavit says, he touched her, forced her to touch him, "put her hands inside her panties" and exposed himself.

The mother and daughter say this shows, even a sacred place, is not safe.

"People need to be aware that it can happen anywhere. I told her you can't just trust anybody because you are in church."

Bronson has been charged with aggravated sexual battery.

He has a court date set for July 28th.

Bellevue Baptist Church would not confirm if he is a member of the church and they had no comment about the incident.,0,4249647.story


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