Man caught trying to set church on fire

| October 23, 2009

IRVINE – Irvine police have arrested a Huntington Beach man caught trying to set fire to a church with which he reportedly had philosophical differences.

A team of detectives conducting surveillance of Orange County Church of Christ in the 100 block of Goodyear arrested Izad Chavoshan, 30, just after 9 p.m. on Wednesday after watching him place a trash can by the front door of the church, light several scraps of paper on fire, and then try to place the burning paper through slots in the church's door, Irvine police Lt. John Hare said.

Police and Orange County Fire Authority arson investigators were looking into four separate arson attempts at the church, in which trash cans were pulled from their storage locations and placed near the church building while the contents were set on fire.

The church building itself was not damaged, and no one was injured. Several trash containers were damaged by the fires.

Authorities believe that Chavoshan had previously attended the church, but had become disenchanted due to philosophical differences, Hare said.

Chavoshan was carrying matches at the time of his arrest, Hare said, and had barbecue lighter fluid in his car.

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