Man who tried to abduct child at church in Montgomery killed himself in Atlanta standoff

| April 15, 2010

A man who tried to abduct a 10-year-old girl in Montgomery on Easter killed himself later that week in Atlanta, police say.

Montgomery police con­firmed Wednesday that the sus­pect in the local case is the same man who shot himself during a standoff with Atlanta police.

Police began investigating a possible connection after James "Scott" Carringer, 42, of Young Harris, Ga., held Atlanta police at bay from inside a black Nissan Xterra on April 8.

The SUV matched the description of the one used in the attempted abduction of a girl from Hunter Station Baptist Church on April 4.

An Atlanta police officer no­ticed the possible connection and contacted officers in Mont­gomery, said Capt. Keith Barn­ett, a Montgomery police spokesman.

Carringer was wanted in Georgia for allegedly kidnap­ping and raping a 19-year-old fe­male relative in Gilmer County, Ga. Atlanta police found him, and he held them off for three hours by telling them that he had guns and explosives in the vehicle. After hearing a gun­shot, officers found Carringer dead with a self-inflicted gun­shot wound.

The Montgomery Police De­partment sent two detectives to Atlanta to examine the similari­ties between the cases, Barnett said.

Montgomery police con­ducted interviews and examin­ed the vehicle for forensic evi­dence, Barnett said.

Police then were able to de­termine that Carringer was the same man who grabbed the 10-year-old Montgomery girl as she hid Easter eggs with her brother, Barnett said. The girl could be seen on the church's video surveillance jumping from the back seat of the SUV as it backed out of the parking lot.

Montgomery Mayor Todd Strange said everything came together for the police depart­ment in cracking the case.

"When you put good police work with good luck, you can solve a lot of crimes," he said.

Police don't know what Car­ringer was doing in Montgom­ery, but his wife told investiga­tors that he often was away from home in unknown locations for days at a time, Strange said.

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