Mastermind behind Church bombing arrested

| September 6, 2009

Kosh R. Koirala reporting from Nepal
Kathmandu, 07 September, (

Police have arrested Ram Prasad Mainali, the chief of a underground armed outfit that involved in religious extremism including explosion of bombs in church and mosques.

The little-known armed group called Nepal Defense Army (NDA) allegedly backed by Hindu extremist groups in India is responsible for the highest number of crimes after the peace process with the Maoists began in Nepal in 2006, according to police.

The NDA carried out bomb explosion at a Catholic Church in Lalitpur on May 22, 2009 and at a mosque in eastern town of Biratnagar on March 29, 2008, leaving three persons dead in each incident. The group was also behind killing the principal of a school in Biratnagar last year. Most recently, it set off a bomb at Nepali Congress central office on August 11.

Police had intensified hunt for Mainali after the deadly explosion at the Assumption Church in Lalitpur. Mainali had used a 27-year-old brainwashed woman to explode the bomb when the Saturday’s mass prayer was on in the Roman Catholic Church.

According to Superintendent of Police Devendra Subedi, Chief of Morang District Police Office, police have recovered two pistols, some other ammunition and dozens of Nepali and Indian mobile SIM cards, among other things, from his possession.

Mainali had stepped up criminal activities with declared objective of disrupting the Constituent Assembly (CA) elections. The NDA started underground criminal activities after Nepal was declared a secular state in 2006.

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