Matamoros bishop confirms priest was kidnapped

| October 9, 2011

Bishop Ruy Rendon has about a month on the job in the Diocese of Matamoros but he's learning that he's got his work cut out for him.

At a recent press conference, Bishop Rendon confirmed that Catholic priests in the northeastern Mexico are not immune to the drug cartel violence around them.

Bishop Rendon told Telediario Reynosa and other media outlets that one of his priests was recently kidnapped by gunmen.

Priest Safe

The priest's name and details were not released but Bishop Rendon said the priest was released and is back at his parish.

"I really admire and value the work and the presence that these priests bring," Bishop Rendon told Telediario Reynosa. "There are faults, failures or limitations but they remain present."

No suspects have been publicly identified or arrested in the kidnapping but the bishop said the Catholic Church will stick to attending their flock south of the border.

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