Mission trips to Mexico suspended amid perceptions of violence

| June 11, 2011

MEXICO CITY (CNS) — American Bob Decker leads mission groups through the ramshackle neighborhoods of Ciudad Acuna, where poorly paid factory workers drawn from impoverished pockets of Mexico originally built tiny cardboard dwellings.

The groups deliver sacks of food and household basics to the residents and learn about the neighborhoods, but mostly they listen and learn. And Decker's San Antonio-based organization, Paper Houses Across the Border, provides assistance when needed — often in the form of paying for medical care for those with a need.

But Decker said the mission participants gain more from the trips than the Mexicans they visit, and they often leave with their Catholic faith renewed.

"People call and ask … how do you say that rosary thing again?" said Decker, a retired police officer. "We're getting a lot of fallen-away Catholics who become excited about their faith."



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