Musical instruments stolen from church

| July 14, 2010

EL RENO, OK — Investigators in El Reno are now on the lookout for a brazen thief that broke into a church and stole thousands of dollars worth of electronics and musical instruments. The incident happened at the God's helping Hand Church at 711 N. Evans earlier this month. On the day of the burglary, church members say a gentlemen was looking at the equipment for several minutes and was forced to leave when the church locked up for the evening.

Hours later, someone crawled through the back window and took off with the instruments.

"We had amplifiers, we had a mixer, we had guitars and we had keyboards," said Dolores Sanders who helped found the Church nearly 15 years ago. "Everything was thrown on the platform and it was just a horrible thing. It was just devastating to us."

Since the equipment was not insured, this struggling church can't afford to replace the stolen instruments right now.

The suspects future is their number one concern.

"To steal from God's house, I mean, that person has no feelings or no compassion and I'm more disappointed because this is a child of God and his soul is at stake," Sanders said.

Officers did find evidence at the scene and are now sending it to the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation so it can be processed for fingerprints.,0,7586614.story

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