Newport News church deacon accused of pulling knife out, threatening fellow deacon

| February 10, 2010

Newport News, Va. – NewsChannel 3 has uncovered an arrest warrant accusing a church deacon of raising a knife against a fellow church member.

Deacon Hurley Jones of Wesley Grove United Church of Christ is accused of pulling a knife out and threatening another deacon.

Deacon Isaiah Smith, Jr. says a disagreement over the church parking lot escalated into an attempted assault at a church meeting.

"Oh no, you don't mess with Hurley Jones and pulled his knife out and he raised it above the head."

It's behavior that seems to be out of line with the scripture on the church marquee which reads, 'on the pathway to pleasing God'.

"There's no justification for bringing a weapon into God's house," Smith added.

According to the December warrant, seven deacons and the pastor witnessed the incident.

Deacon Smith explained: "I stand up, and I back away from the table. Three deacons interceded, Deacon Outlaw interceded and grabbed the knife."

Deacon Julius Green, who is listed as a witness on the warrant, supported the complaint. He said, "Deacon Hurley Jones pulled a knife and attempted to come at Deacon Smith. He was held by three deacons and pulled into a hallway."

This Newport News neighborhood is no stranger to crime, but a house of worship is considered to be a sanctuary, a buffer against violence.

Smith is now fearful that the police cars that drive through the neighborhood will make a stop at his church because he feels the threat of violence is still high.

Deacon Hurley Jones sits directly behind him during Sunday services.

"I have a 16-year-old daughter that's afraid to attend church now because of this incident," he said.

According to Newport News court records there has been a pattern of violent incidents.

Deacon Jones has a mugshot on file because of another assault charge that is pending. He allegedly threatened his neighbor who swore out a warrant that he feared he was carrying a gun.

Deacon Smith said his pastor, Dr. Alexander Jamison, won't take action about what he feels is a clear and present danger.

"He doesn't see the seriousness of it," Smith said.

The two men will go before a judge later this month.

Deacon Jones could not be reached for comment. Pastor Jamison also could not be contacted.,0,5489994.story

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