North Dallas Christian non-profit group robbed six times

| January 18, 2010

DALLAS — A North Texas non-profit group that works with teenagers is wondering if it's missing the mark with its message.

Richardson Area Young Life has been hit by thieves six times since September, leaving little behind but their unbreakable spirits.

The sights and sounds, moments and memories of the high school students involved in the Richardson Area Young Life can be viewed on the organization's Web site. It's a good thing the images weren't stored inside their far North Dallas office, because they'd probably be gone, stolen by the thieves who broke in Sunday evening.

The burglars stole a computer monitor this time.

"It's been at least a $10,000 setback for the six break-ins that have happened in six months," said Todd Pinkston director of the Young Life group — a lot of money to a non-profit agency that operates on a shoestring.

"I just wonder how you can break into an office if you see pictures of high school kids on the door, you see picture of them up on the wall and you walk out with our donated goods," Pinkston said.

Young Life is not alone.

Nearly every merchant at the Spanish Village Shopping Center at the corner of Arapaho and Coit roads has been hit by thieves recently.

Jackie Merriman, who runs the knitting hobby shop "Yarn & Stitches" says there have been 41 break-ins in the past few months. While Dallas police did arrest one burglary suspect two weeks ago, Merriman says she still worries about her safety.

"I don't feel safe, not after Young Life was hit again last night," she said.

Back at the Young Life office, Pinkston said he's not sure how to feel — except sorry for the thief who's getting the goods, but missing the point.

For more information on how to help Young Life recoup some of its losses, visit their Web site at

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