Pastor Helps Shooting Victim, Stands Up to Gunmen

| October 7, 2010

The 80 year old pastor of the College Hill Presbyterian Church is being called a hero after he helped a young shooting victim earlier this week, by fending off his attackers.

Reverend Harold Chapman says he was leaving the church on Hamilton Avenue Monday when a man ran up saying he had been shot. Rev. Chapman says he felt God's hand leading him to act. "He said, I've been shot, I've been shot. And as I met him, I said, well go on inside."

The shooting victim told Rev. Chapman he was being chased by his attacks, so the pastor instructed him to go to the basement, and then took position at the front door. Chapman says about 30 seconds later, two men walked up to him. "I stood here and said no, you can't come in."

The two men tried to coax their way in. Rev. Chapman didn't back down… he believes his former job as a high school principal helped him to convince the gunmen to back off. A few moments later, police arrested the two men. An ambulance took the victim to hospital. "The church is a sanctuary and this young man had a special need."

Rev. Chapman hopes to meet the victim as he recovers in the hospital. The man was hit in the back near his shoulder but is expected to recover.

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