Pastor Released from Hospital After Severe Stabbing, Speedy Healing

| August 20, 2009

A Detroit-area pastor who was severely stabbed over 30 times in his home earlier this month was released from the hospital Tuesday after recovering at a pace that many, including doctors, have described as miraculous.

“The doctors are still saying that it is nothing short of a miracle that he is first of all alive, and second healing so fast,” Revival Tabernacle Church reported Tuesday in their latest update on the condition of their pastor, Kevin Ramsby.

According to reports, an intruder broke into Ramsby’s home around 3 a.m. on Aug. 4 and stabbed him repeatedly during the altercation that ensued. Ramsby’s wife and children were out of town at the time of the attack. The pastor had also been out of town but returned home ahead of his family.

“The stab wounds were so many, and so severe that Pastor Kevin lost consciousness and was left for dead by the perpetrator,” reported staff at Ramsby’s Assemblies of God church in Highland Park, Mich.

“With nothing less than what we know to be the strength and power of the Lord, when the intruder went to another room of the house, Pastor Kevin came to and miraculously gained strength to get himself out of the house and crawl to his neighbors who quickly responded to his cry for help,” they continued. “How great is our God?”

After Highland Park police and medical emergency teams arrived on the scene, Ramsby was rushed to a nearby hospital, where he underwent immediate surgery. Ramsby had sustained injuries and lacerations to his back, face, neck, and abdominal areas, but fortunately suffered no damage to major arteries or to his lungs.

Though Ramsby arrived in critical condition, the pastor’s condition was upgraded to stable after about eight hours and doctors were reportedly able to repair the intestinal damage that he sustained.

Since then, church staff say Ramsby has been “healing rapidly,” overcoming a persistent fever caused by an infection and an abnormal increase in white blood cells caused by an allergic reaction to a painkiller.

Though Ramsby has been released from the hospital, the Pentecostal church is still coveting prayers for their pastor, who is resting in an undisclosed location.

“Out of the hospital is great, but as you can tell from the photos, he is not in full swing yet,” church staff reported.

Meanwhile, state police are still on the lookout for the suspect behind the break-in and stabbing.

Detective Herb Fluker of the Highland Park Police Department told The Detroit News last Monday that police are searching for a black male in his mid-30s or early 40s who ranges from 5 feet 9 inches tall to 6 feet.

In the composite sketch released last week, the suspect appears to have a cleanly shaven head and no facial hair.

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