Pastor Returns To Pulpit After Attack

| November 2, 2009

HIGHLAND PARK, Mich. — The Rev. Kevin Ramsby returned to the pulpit in Highland Park Sunday after weeks of recovering from an attack where he was stabbed in the neck, arms and chest.

"When you've gone through something that we have gone through, you begin to see things in a different light," Ramsby said, speaking to the congregation at Revival Tabernacle.

Ramsby was attacked Aug. 4 in his home by a burglar, who police have identified as 41-year-old Wesley Mclemore. Police said the situation was likely a robbery that went awry.

Ramsby's family was out of town at the time, but he was critically injured.

"My small intestines had come out through the knife cut. I literally had to carry my small intestine," he said.

Police are still looking for Mclemore.

Ramsby said it was God who saved his life that night.

"There are so many others hurting in our community, not just because of violence, with the economy and layoffs and jobs," he said. "The message I am sharing today is a message of God's faithfulness."

Church founder Tim Dilena said Ramsby's message is something many in the church and community need to see.

"That characterizes Highland Park. To watch someone left for dead and watch him rise up and do something … because that's what happened to our city," Dilena said.

Ramsby said he has forgiven his attacker and would not mind meeting to pray with him once he's arrested.

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