Pastor speaks out about church burglary

| July 2, 2010

AMARILLO, TEXAS — This is the second time in two weeks Paramount Baptist Deaf Church has been burglarized.

Early Monday, morning Pastor Darrell Bonjour walked in to find doors kicked in, money missing, a missing video cameras, and blatant acts of vandalism.

" Let me show you what they did to get in. They took a crow bar pried on these doors and you can see how they got in, were not real sure what door they got into. They totally ruined a door handle, and ruined the door, but not only this one also five or six other doors, they were breaking in looking for money," said Darrell Bonjour Paramount Baptist Deaf Church Pastor.

Amarillo police say there may be a silver lining here, they could help other churches keep this from happening to them.

" Churches might not know other churches are being broken into, some have security systems but some don't. If some do we need to get our hands on some information, especially great suspect information, or surveillance video," said Cpl. Sean Slover ,Amarillo Crime Stoppers.

In fact, Pastor Bonjour will put a security system in his church now. But it doesn't take away from the fact that crimes like these are tragic.

"It's so sad where people come to worship, and someone would come into God's house and steal things. I think it's an awful thing, and a terrible thing," said Bonjour.

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