Pastor William Boss, wounded in Lakeland church shooting, speaks

| October 9, 2011

Lakeland, Florida — He was shot in the head while kneeling in prayer.

For the first time since last month's church shooting in Lakeland, Pastor William Boss is speaking out, and says he considers his very survival to be the product of divine intervention.

Pastor Boss remembers images from that Sunday morning three weeks ago. He remembers exactly where he was kneeling.

"Right there. By the plant. On this side," says pastor Boss. As he turns, a large white bandage still covers the back of his head where a bullet struck him.

He recalls seeing a puff of smoke, and hearing a loud clapping sound. A gunshot, say police. A miracle, says Pastor Boss.

"My body turned and I saw his face. And of course the words were, 'Oh my God!'"

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