Pervert must tell police before going to churches

| September 19, 2011

A CONVCITED paedophile must give police a week’s notice if he wants to go to church after he lost an appeal. Police became concerned over the behaviour John Drury, 86, after he started visiting places of worship in the town.

They imposed an order he had to give advance notice of visits so families with children could be alerted of Drury’s attendance. Drury appealed against the order saying a one-off list of places he may attend in future would be a better alternative.

Judge David Turner QC sitting told the appeal hearing at Chelmsford Crown Court(*FRI SEP XVI*)this was not acceptable.

There needed to be more safeguards to protect families with chidren, the judge said.

Drury's barrister, Laura Keynon, said: "He visits a variety of churches because he is still trying to find the right church."

Judge Turner told her: "One would have thought at 86 that search may have reached a resolution."

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