Pipe-Bomb Thrown Inside Buffalo Church

| July 5, 2009

A Buffalo church is on alert after a device, believed to be a pipe-bomb, was thrown inside it over-night. No one was hurt, but the pastor of Redeemer Fire Fellowship Church on Lewis Street, says it could have been deadly.

Pastor David Keaton says he got a call from someone last night that his church was on fire,. "So, when I arrived here, it wasn’t necessarily on fire. Someone had broken the side door and thrown a pipe-bomb in," said Keaton.

Keaton says flame-resistant carpet prevented the fuse from igniting the bomb and catching the church on fire.

Buffalo Police investigators told Keaton if the device would have ignited inside, the damage could have been substantial, "It would have certainly blown all of this glass out, it would have damaged all of this front area…certainly there would have been fire."

The Catholic Diocese sold the building to Keaton, a Baptist minister, about a month ago. He doesn’t know anyone who would want to hurt him or the church, "Don’t want to say a hate crime, don’t want to say terrorist, don’t want to make it a race issue, or religious issue."

Keaton thinks those responsible are cowards, and he’s got a message to those who did it, "To the person or persons responsible, I’ll look right at you and tell you …we’re going to be here quite a while."

The church plans to buy surveillance cameras. The Erie County bomb squad is reviewing the device. Pastor Keaton says investigators told him they recovered a part of the bomb that could have fingerprints.



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