Police: MinSec resident stole from church

| January 21, 2011

People worshiped at First Presbyterian Church in Hazleton on Sunday morning while a man ransacked desks, went through coat pockets looking for change and cigarettes and stole a leather jacket from the house of worship, a church member said.

"We feel violated that the man was prowling around while we were having church services," said Jane Dougherty. "He knew we were inside this particular room. He was extremely bold."

Video cameras inside the church at 201 W. Broad St. captured images of the man moving throughout the building, room to room, said Jim Hoegg, another church member, whose new leather jacket was stolen by the man.

Following services, Hoegg and others went to retrieve their coats. His jacket was missing, another lay on the floor and a third had been moved.

Hoegg at first thought he mislaid the brand-new jacket – never thinking that someone actually had stolen it from inside a church.

When members turned to the surveillance footage, they were astonished, Dougherty said. They also weren't sure that the man had left, Hoegg said, and at 10:40 a.m. called police.



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