Police say debate over preachers turned into fight at church

| May 21, 2010

CAMERON – A church's fate hangs in the balance after police say a disagreement over leadership turned into a fight during a church service.

Cameron Police Officer Patrick Guffey has broken up plenty of fights, but last night he was called to respond to a disturbance at the last place he could have imagined — a church.

"This is a rarity. It's something that does not occur in this town."

According to police, the Church of Christ on Orchard Street had been without an official leader since their original pastor passed away months ago.

Wednesday night, police say tempers flared between two preachers vying for the job.

"It was a shouting match and shoving match between the two groups when the officers arrived and calmed it down and tried to restore order."

Longtime Church of Christ member Leo May says there was a disagreement, but that's as far as it went.

"There's no such thing as fighting or yelling. There is debating. When you're having to have to vote to see who is going where as far as minister, then it's called debating. You try to come to an agreement, so when you're dealing with God's house, like I say, there isn't going to be any violence."

Police say no one involved in Wednesday night's incident was arrested, and the acting minister and a visiting minister from Round Rock were told to stay away from one another until the congregation can reach a consensus.

Aside from that, police say they're staying out of the church's business.

"This is a matter for the congregation, this is not a criminal matter."

May, whose cousin is the acting minister, says he's confident his church will make the right decision and move on peacefully.

"As far as the church being torn apart, it's not happening because whoever God wants to be minister is going to be minister; and that's basically what's going on in the church."

News Channel 25 tried calling both ministers this afternoon, but neither one could be found for comment.



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