Police say Torah burglar may not know value

| October 29, 2009

Sherman, TX – Police are asking for your help to find the person who broke into a Sherman synagogue and stole sacred writings.

Police say last Friday someone broke into the Temple Beth Emeth on North Rusk in Serman. They vandalized the inside of the building and stole the Torah, which is valued at $40,000. The scrolls are worth the vast amount of money because they are handwritten with a quill and then sewn together.

However, on Wednesday the Sherman police department says there are no signs that this was a hate crime, but say they aren't ruling out that possibility as they continue the investigation.

Police say the burglars may not realize what they have stolen, and just want the holy book returned.

"If somebody was going in there to steal the Torah, I don't understand why they would do all this other damage to the property,” said Lt. Bob Fair of the Sherman Police Department.

“That's the only thing that comes to my mind, if they were going in there for a specific item they would go in there and get that item and then leave and no do all this other damage, that's why I come to think that I don't think the people really know what they have in their possession,” explained Fair.

If anyone has any information on the Torah's whereabouts, please contact the Sherman police. And Lt. Fair said if the person who took the Torah did not realize its value, they can still return it anonymously.



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