Police warn churchgoers of vehicle burglaries in church parking lots

| June 24, 2013

PEORIA, Ariz. – Sunday is usually a day of worship for valley residents that's spent inside a church, but it seems that it's also becoming a prime time for thieves.

The Peoria Police Department is warning churchgoers of a string of burglaries taking place while the victim is in church.

A spokesperson for the Peoria police department tells us several of these thefts have taken place in the past month. Personal and valuable items go missing from a victim's home while the owner is in church.

It isn't just happening in Peoria, the Phoenix Police Department, Surprise Police Department and even Maricopa County Sheriff's Office is on high alert.

Larry Laprarie is the elder on call this week at Reunion Church in Peoria.

He spent Sunday morning patrolling the parking lot, keeping an eye out for suspicious behavior.

"I already approached one guy that was sitting in his car with his motor and air conditioning running and I said, 'May I help you?'" said Laprarie.



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