Protecting yourself in church is the focus of a state bill

| March 15, 2012

GROVE, Okla. – A bill is working its way around the Capitol focusing on guns and church.

In Oklahoma, a person has the right to protect himself using deadly force inside his home, car or place of business. House Bill 2988 is intended to clear up any legal loopholes and include churches as well.

"I think it's a reality, I think we need to realize that churches are no longer 100 percent secure from outside force," said Pastor Sam Smith of the Foundation Free Will Baptist Church in Grove, Okla.

Smith is not only a pastor, he also teaches concealed carry classes monthly. He says protection is important, even in a house of God.

"You would like to think the best of every person that comes into a church building but realize we like in a rough world and times are getting rougher," said Smith.

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