Religious objects stolen from church construction

| June 29, 2010

NORMAN, OK — Thieves strike a church in Norman. The Holy Ascension Orthodox Church, near the intersection of Tecumseh and Sooner Road, is still under construction. Church leaders say last week crooks broke in and stole five large metal chandeliers. Those fixtures had been shipped from Greece and were in boxes waiting to be hung in the sanctuary. The lights are decorated with religious iconography.

"What's interesting is those chandeliers will not be much value to anyone else; they have a strong religious theme. They're metal but they have icons around them," said Father Justin McFeeters.

"It's very disappointing that people would enter a sanctuary and steal stuff like that," said contractor Larry Sleeper.

In addition to the chandeliers, some small hand tools were also taken.

Unfortunately, police say thefts from construction sites are pretty common.

Without the public's help, it's unlikely the religious lighting fixtures will be returned to their rightful owner.

Still, Father McFeeters refuses to let the theft darken the church's opening next month.

"We're not going to allow this to dampen out spirits. We're just gonna move ahead," said McFeeters.,0,2193129.story

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