Report: ‘Molotov Cocktails’ Thrown Into Church

| July 5, 2009

BOSTON — The remnants of two makeshift bombs were found inside a Brockton church on Sunday, prompting an investigation by state and local police.

The Brockton Enterprise reported that workers found the two devices in a pew on the north side of the St. Edith Stein Church at about 8:30 a.m. Police believe the devices may have failed to ignite or catch fire after they were hurled through an open window at the church, possibly on Saturday evening.

Fire officials described the devices as Molotov cocktails, which are simple explosives often made with gasoline in a glass container.

The evidence found in the church consisted of broken beer bottles that appeared to be stuffed with paper towels, according to the Brockton Enterprise. Burn marks were also found on the wood floor near the bottles, and fire officials said they detected gasoline or a gasoline-like substance nearby.

“You wonder what on earth would drive a person to do such a thing,” Deputy Fire Chief Timothy Murphy told the Enterprise.

The state fire marshal was investigating the incident, along with Brockton police and members of the Plymouth County Sheriff’s Department.

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