Rio Hondo Man Jailed For Threats Against Churches

| April 8, 2010

RIO HONDO — Easter Sunday churchgoers in Rio Hondo got way more than a holy experience they got quite a scare.

Johnny Caenville, was there and told Action 4 the letters said someone was going to be executed.

The threatening letters were found moments before morning services at La Trinidad Assembly of God, First Baptist Church and St. Helen's Catholic Church.

After three days of massive hunting by authorities police told us they now know who did it.

According to Police George Jasso apparently wrote the letters.

"We located him at his house,” said Rio Hondo Police Chief Humberto Barrera . “We went and served him with an arrest warrant and a search warrant and we picked him up without incident."

But police said he didn’t act alone and revealed that his son Andrew signed the letters.

It turns out that Andrew has been jailed for in an assault of a public servant case since February, leading police to think the letters were written some time ago.

Although officials released the identities of those involved, they wouldn’t go into any details whether the threats were legit only saying they did recover some evidence.

“This gentleman believes strongly in his beliefs and he believes strongly that it was a calling righteous and he stands by what he believes,” said Barrera on a possible motive.

George Jasso is expected to be arraigned on Thursday morning.

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