Search warrant reveals arson suspect activity at Tyler store

| February 22, 2010

The first fire, January 1, at Little Hope Baptist Church in Canton, was originally believed to be electrical.

That all changed after authorities were able to determine that hymnals and other materials had been stacked around the piano, and set on fire.

Video surveillance also helped to connect this fire to the others. On February 13, Jason Bourque went to Atwood's in Tyler. Cameras showed Bourque go into the men's room. Later that day, another customer saw a carving in a stall saying "Little Hope was arson," and an upside down cross with flames. That carving was not there the day before.

Then there were three more pieces of information in the search warrant that described how some fires were started.

On January 12, hymnals were stacked in several spots, including the baptistery and the choir loft, to start the fire at Lake Athens Baptist.

On the 17th, hymnals were stacked around the organ near the reader's lectern at First Church of Christ Scientist in Tyler.

And on the 20th, combustible materials were used to start a fire in a closet at Prairie Creek Fellowship in Lindale. There was also DNA recovered from a brick at the church.

That same DNA was found on a rock from the fire at Russell United Methodist Church that happened on February 4.

During the press conference announcing the arrests, ATF investigators said that DNA evidence was used to connect one of the suspects.

According to the search warrant, authorities collected DNA from Daniel McAllister yesterday morning.


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