Search warrant sealed in Anadarko slaying

| September 24, 2009

ANADARKO — A search warrant served in connection with the investigation of the gruesome killing of Oklahoma City pastor the Rev. Carol Daniels has been sealed by order of Caddo County Special Judge David A. Stephens, court clerk Opal Finch said Wednesday.

Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation spokeswoman Jessica Brown declined to say when the search warrant was filed or what agents searched. The agency has been reluctant to release information about the Aug. 23 slaying, which produced a grisly crime scene one source described as "bone-chilling” and "spooky.”

Sources close to the investigation told The Oklahoman last month an Anadarko police officer found her nude in what appeared to be a "crucifix position” behind the altar at the Christ Holy Sanctified Church. Sources also said the killer or killers used a dissolving spray on the body, took the pastor’s clothes and left behind a massive amount of blood.

A state medical examiner’s autopsy revealed that Daniels suffered gaping cuts to the throat, left breast and back. The report also noted cuts to the pastor’s hands – evidence that she likely fought her attacker.

No arrests have been made.

Crime scene investigators removed the church’s back door, which opens into a narrow alley to the south. It is through that door Anadarko police officer Ashley Burrus entered the church at 12:02 p.m. Aug. 23 and found the pastor’s mutilated body, according to an Anadarko police report.

Four days later, investigators interviewed a woman who owns property next to the church. Alicia Theif called local police after noticing someone had been in one of her rental property cellars. Police collected several bags of prospective evidence from the cellar, but Anadarko police detective Mary Elrod said Wednesday her department never filed a search warrant on that property.

Authorities also interviewed Robert Richardson, a drifter who claimed he saw the killer leave the church in bloody clothes and holding a knife. Richardson, 63, has since told different versions of his story. He originally claimed he saw the killer while sipping on a beer across the street at an old car wash where he sometimes sleeps.

Agents later searched the garage where Richardson was then living, Richardson said.

Caddo County District Attorney Bret Burns could not be reached Wednesday.

"Sealed search warrants really aren’t all that uncommon, but then it’s not especially common, either,” Finch said. "It just depends on each individual case.”

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