Social hackers target McAfee staff in church, at carparks

| June 2, 2011

No place was sacred from cybercriminals who were getting bolder in their attempts to steal confidential data, going so far as to bail up a security vendor's staff member – in a church.

McAfee chief security officer Brett Wahlin said the security vendor's staff were physically harassed and its network defences tested by hackers.

Hackers sought information to undermine McAfee's firewalls, intrusion-prevention systems and critical infrastructure protection platforms relied on by millions of users, he said.

At least one worker was approached by a suspected attacker while in church after his movements were tracked through online social networks, he said. He posed as a colleague in an attempt to wheedle information from the McAfee worker. And similar attempts were made on staff in car parks outside of company offices, Wahlen said.

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