Staring death in the face: Local pastor on a mission trip takes a terrifying turn

| June 19, 2011

When E. Roger Ammons of Cleveland was thrown into a car at gunpoint by four large men and driven to parts unknown in the Democratic Republic of the Congo in Africa, his death was the only thing that appeared to be a certainty.

But as suddenly as death pressed down on his life, his life took hold of his faith, and without ruckus or reason the pastor of The Church of God Southside was suddenly set free. The trip he made to help change lives from March 30 to April 12, had also changed his life and reawakened a lesson he would never forget.

As the general evangelism coordinator for The Church of God, Ammons coordinates the evangelistic outreach for their ministry with its headquarters on Tillie Road in Cleveland. He is sent out of the country once a year to a mission field with a national overseer to conduct revivals in addition to other mission trips.

“Before I went (to the Congo) I was told that they had made arrangements for my time in Kinshasa to stay in the four-star Grand Hotel. But when you read the fine print — with food, taxes and whatever — it was going to run about $300 a night for a week. I said, ‘There is no way I’m going to spend that much mission money on a place to stay.’

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