Stealing from God: Thieves hit local church

| September 19, 2011

OKLAHOMA CITY — Sunday started off on a sour note for the Oklahoma City's First Church of the Nazarene. The man who drives the church bus to pick people up for Sunday morning services realized thieves had hit the bus.

"That bus gets a lot of work. And on a Sunday, it shuttles people back and forth from church that don't have transportation otherwise," Pastor Jon Middendorf said.

Thieves took off with the bus's catalytic converter.

Middendorf says this is the third time in about three years that this has happened to the church.

The catalytic converter is a small part on the underside of the vehicle.

We went to the Shade Tree D.I.Y. Garage in Midwest City and spoke to owner Jason Peters about this car part.

"Its job is to convert the exhaust gas from the engine from carbon monoxide to carbon dioxide which is of course you know more eco-friendly," Peters said.

Peters said the catalytic converter contains several valuable metals, including platinum.,0,4140183.story

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