Sunday school takes temperatures to sweep for swine flu

| October 26, 2009

President Obama has declared the swine flu a national emergency. And now, some church goers are taking it seriously. In fact, they're taking temperatures to see who can get in the door.

Its all about preventing the H1N1 strain in kids. While some parents like the precaution, there are those that wonder if this is just a little too much.

"We're looking for temperatures over 99 degrees," Sunday school teacher, Kelly Wanbaugh says.

And they found one. At first Desiree Ferguson thought should would have to leave even though she says she feels just fine.

But any child with a temperature over 99, can't stay in Sunday school at Valley Bible Fellowship. Desiree's dad doesn't seem to mind the new rule.

"I'm going to see if its just from her having a jacket over her head and if it is then we'll get her cooled off and check again, if not we've got to get her home," Marvin Ferguson says.

At second check Desiree's temp comes back 98.4. She is good to stay.

"We believe everybody should do their part to help curb this swine flu," Pastor of Valley Bible Fellowship, Ron Vietti, says.

Pastor Vietti believes they're doing their part to keep kids from getting sick. Even though he admits some members haven't liked it.

"I think for all of us to just sit back and do nothing, we're just going to let this get out of hand," Pastor Vietti says.

So throughout this flu season Valley Bible is looking for more than lost souls, they're also fishing for fevers.

If your child gets sent home the church sends the family a free DVD of the service in the mail.

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