SWAT: Gunman barricaded in east Houston church

| December 5, 2009

HOUSTON – Houston police exchanged gunfire with a man barricading himself inside a northeast Houston church after he allegedly tried to shoot his wife Saturday morning.

Police aren't sure whether the suspect was shot during the gunfight because he is still inside Market Street Baptist Church in the 12900 block of Market Street, officials said.

Officers responded to the church around 9:40 a.m. after someone reported that a man was possibly holding hostages inside the building, officials said.

Police arrived at the church as the man was allegedly trying to shoot his fleeing wife, officials said.

That's when the gunfight erupted, officials said.

The suspect, believed to be the chruch's custodian, had an argument with his wife before the alleged shooting, officials said.

A SWAT team was called to the church to try and establish communications with the man, officials said.

Police believe the man inside the church alone, officials said.

The wife was not injured during the shooting, officials said.



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