Symbols Attached to Arson

| February 13, 2010

So now, we have some persons of interest, and we have descriptions.

But is there any symbolism involved here?

One item in the description of two of the young men probably sends up a red flag for a lot of folks.

It’s the upside down cross tatoos. But what do they really mean?

9 churches up in flames.

9 congregations, of different denominations, now without a church home.

And everyone wants to know why.

Two of the descriptions mention tatoos of an upside down cross. To many who study groups who are hostile to religion, this is a clue.

But the origins are the exact opposite.

The inverted cross symbolizes St. Peter, who the Bible says requested to be crucified upside down, feeling unworthy of the same method as Christ.

The Pope, who sits on the throne of St. Peter, is often seen with it.

It is a symbol of humility…that has now been usurped by those who not only don’t believe, but may well be angry at organized religion.

The flames on the tattoo can also mean white supremacy as well.

It should be said that this type of thumb in the eye symbol can be just that, a symbol of youthful rebellion.

But there are 9 congregations in our area who no doubt see it as much more.

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