Synagogue security is beefed up

| September 27, 2011

Synagogue-goers were warned this week to remain vigilant during Rosh Hashanah services after a number of terrorism-related arrests and the Palestinians statehood bid.

A statement by the Community Security Trust noted that "security measures will be at the same high level as in recent years. The number of UK terrorist arrests has not diminished since the killing of Osama bin Laden. The situation in the Middle East and around Palestinian statehood is particularly tense at this time, and we will be closely monitoring any anti-Semitic consequences arising from these major developments."

Although there was no information about a specific threat, the CST added that it had "worked closely with synagogal bodies, synagogue security teams and rabbis in preparation for this year's chagim, as well as with local and regional police who will provide appropriate responses should they be required. We deeply appreciate the co-operation of our community in all of this, and we look forward to helping everybody observe the chagim in security and with peace of mind."

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