Teen alleges rape at church

| March 12, 2010

A Milton man was arrested following an investigation concerning a sexual assault that allegedly occurred at a Milton church.

Tuesday deputies arrested 24-year-old Nathaniel Baldwin on two counts of a sexual offense with a victim between the ages of 12 to 15 years of age. Baldwin was released after posting a bond of $10,000.

The incidents occurred at the Milton First Assembly of God on Dogwood Drive and at the suspect’s residence in January according to the report.

The investigation began into the matter on Jan. 27, when a deputy was dispatched to Milton High School concerning a sexual battery complaint.

The victim complained to officers they had been “raped” by Nathaniel Baldwin of Milton a week prior to the investigation

According to the victim, Baldwin had been a close friend of theirs for a couple of years, and both the victim and Baldwin attended the same church.

One incident in the report alleges, the victim was at the Milton First Assembly of God Church on Dogwood Drive on Jan. 20 and prior to services starting went to use the bathroom.

The victim told officers that when they came out of the bathroom, Baldwin was standing outside the door and grabbed them and then pulled them into another room that was dark. They continued by saying that Baldwin held them on the ground and pulled off their shirt and bra and began “sucking and biting” the victim according to the report.

Baldwin then pulled the victim’s pants and underwear off and began groping them, and put his hand both over and inside the victim’s mouth to keep them from yelling according to the victim’s statement,

When officers asked what made Baldwin stop the actions, the victim stated that Baldwin looked at his watch and might have stopped because “church was about to start” according to the report.

The next day, the victim told officers that both they and a family member were dropped off at their grandmother’s house after school. The victim’s relative called Baldwin to pick them up to get something to eat, and afterwards they went to Baldwin’s residence.

According to the report, when the victim arrived at Baldwin’s house, the victim’s relative began playing video games in another room, and the victim got on Baldwin’s computer.

The victim told officers that Baldwin entered the computer room, closed the door, and put something in front of the door to block it.

The victim alleged Baldwin sat in a chair behind them and began groping and biting them as he did the day before, only this time, Baldwin bit more forcefully.

The victim told officers that they would send Baldwin text messages back and forth that stated “vulgar things” according to the report, but none of the texts sent from the victim suggested Baldwin perform such acts as he did.

On January 28, an officer was sent to the victim’s school to take photographs of the alleged injuries. According to the report, several scratch marks and abrasions were seen on the upper part of the victim’s body.

Officers interviewed one of the victim’s friends who told officers that the victim had notified them of the same story about the incident on Thursday.

Deputies interviewed Baldwin on Feb. 17, who said that both he and the victim were “pretty close” and said that he was dating the victim according to the report.

He told officers that their friendship turned to dating in October 2009. Baldwin told officers that he had kissed and made out with the victim in the past, and through text messages, the two would talk about things that they wanted to “do to each other” and said the victim would send him texts asking him to write role-playing scenarios to him according to the report.

Baldwin told officers that the received texts from the victim suggesting he “touch (them) further” according to the report.

The suspect admitted to the officers that both the incident at the church and his residence did occur, but believed them to be consensual. He told officers that he did not bite her roughly, and suggested the bites were only “hickey oriented” according to the statement.

Baldwin also told officers that both texted about trying to find “a quiet spot to get away from everyone” and that when they were at the church that Wednesday, “they both found an empty room” and Baldwin admitted to the actions described by the victim that happened that day according to the report.



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