Teens arrested in Rice vandalism cases

| September 23, 2011

Corsicana — Three teens have been charged with a spree of criminal mischief in Rice, causing thousands of dollars worth of damage to Rice Elementary School, the new Mike Dickens Memorial Park, and the Hayne Memorial Church.

Most of the damage seems to have taken place Sept. 5 and 6, with the first report coming from the elementary school. Workers arrived Tuesday morning to discover fire extinguishers had been used, the cafeteria kitchen and pantry had been vandalized, with food thrown around in the kitchen and gym. An estimated $668 in damage was reported.

At the Hayne Memorial Baptist Church, the burglars broke in and broke out windows and antique banisters, causing about $2,500 in destruction.

The biggest portion of damage seems to have take place at the Mike Dickens Memorial Park, which has been a work in progress for more than five years. There, the perpetrators blacked out letters on the sign, tore into the concession stand and destroyed the bathrooms by knocking over stalls and breaking out the walls. Everywhere, they left obscene graffiti in their wake. The destruction to the park will cost about $4,100 to repair.



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