Thief steals from church office during morning service

| August 3, 2010

There's something about a crime against a church that many have a hard time comprehending.

"Just a pretty desperate action. And we'd like to help him get his life straightened out," says Rev. Bruce Nettleton of Morehead United Methodist Church.

But Nettleton would like to know who the man is, who is seen in surveillance video entering his office, stealing two laptops and a backpack full of electronics, while Nettleton was leading a worship service in the sanctuary.

"No one I've shown the video to, recognizes him as someone who has been here before," said Nettleton.

The video shows the man roaming the hallways of Morehead United Methodist just after 10 Sunday morning, then he goes into the pastor's study, and spends quite some time rummaging through things, before stealing the stuff, and then walking out a front door.

"How bold that is, to come in with a building full of people, walk through the parking lot and lobby," said Nettleton.

Police are calling it a simple crime of opportunity and they say they are following up on a few leads.

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