Thief targets bridesmaids’ suite during wedding in Dallas church

| July 10, 2010

DALLAS – It's the day most women plan for their whole lives, the walk down the aisle. Everyone's attention is supposed to be on the bride, but that wasn't the case for a Dallas couple.

Priscilla Pearson planned a fairy tale wedding, but her nuptials ended with a police investigation.

Police said the robbery was the second one at the Royal Lane Baptist Church this year.

"It was the perfect place," said Steve Butler, Pearson's father, of when they found the church.

They hired the church's wedding planner and signed the contract.

"It didn't say anything about security, but there was a disclaimer in there that specifically talked about any items, 'not responsible for anything stolen,'" Mr. Butler said.

On the big day, the bridesmaids were all smiles until the storm blew in. The wedding planner ushered everyone into another room closer to the ceremony and said, "Don't worry, ya'll can just stay over here and put us in another room."

Then, at some point between the ceremony and the reception, a thief walked into the bridesmaids' suite at the church and snatched the bride's purse and bridesmaids' belongings, including credit cards, driver licenses, cash and a digital camera.

"It's the last thing we would have thought in a million years that that would occur, especially at a church," Mr. Butler said.

Immediately, police were called to the church and the Butlers searched the area as police questioned the church's staff.

"We feel they could have at least replaced the cash or the cost of the camera," Mr. Butler said.

But, the Butlers signed a contract that stated they wouldn't hold the church responsible for items that were lost or stolen. They said they've learned their lesson.

"There's a few precautions everyone needs to be aware of, and that's maybe not take their purses, maybe not take their cameras to the bridesmaids' suite because you just never know," Mr. Butler said.

Pastor David Matthews declined to speak on camera, but said this is the first time a wedding theft has ever happened at the church.

Matthews said going forward, the church will offer couples the option to pay for police protection during wedding ceremonies.

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