Thieves Lacking Love For Dallas Church Food Pantry

| April 21, 2010

A Dallas church is struggling to serve the poor because of someone's malicious act.

Sunday and Monday nights thieves broke into the Love Field Seventh Day Adventist Church on Denton Drive near the airport.

The church has been vandalized four times this year. The target has been the church food pantry, a ministry the church says serves up to 80 people a day.

The thieves shattered glass and broke locks throughout the building. They have also destroyed whatever food they could not carry away.

Members of the small Spanish-language church are frustrated by the break-ins. They say they would love to have better security for their building, but the church cannot afford it.

Member Kliphord Darkwa says they would rather just have the thieves come to them for help rather than destroying their house of worship. "It's better for them to come through the door and let us know what inside they need, then we can help them, instead of them just messing up the place.

The church says they will continue to restock the pantry as often as possible to help serve their neighbors in need.

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