Troy man charged after disrupting church service

| January 5, 2010

TROY — A man yelled, spit and threw punches and kicks upon being arrested for causing a disturbance at a New Year’s Eve church service, according to police.

Police were called to Bethel Baptist Church at 2165 Fifth Ave. on the evening of Dec. 31 for a report of a man disrupting the religious services.

As police transported 43-year-old Robert Washington, of 2335 Fifth Ave., to the police station for processing after allegedly finding marijuana in his pocket, he spit repeatedly and kicked at the windows of the patrol car, according to police.

Once at the station he continued to spit, and he punched at the windows and walls of the room, police said. Washington, who is currently on parole, “refused all questions and was highly intoxicated,” a report by Patrolman Robert Smith noted.

He also repeatedly shouted racist comments at the officers and, at one point, removed his clothing, police said.

Washington faces a Class-A misdemeanor charge of disrupting a religious service, as well as a violation for marijuana possession. His address is listed as Catholic Charities’ St. Peter’s Residence on Fifth Avenue.

A calm and collected Washington arrived at the police station Monday morning to be fingerprinted. In the front lobby, when a desk sergeant asked him why he behaved the way he did, Washington said: “I’m a lunatic, I’ll admit to that. It’s the meds.”

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