Vandalism at Coquille church may have been painted with blood

| September 15, 2011

Coquille (KMTR) – Staff at the Church of Nazarene in Coquille discovered the vandalism Tuesday morning. A small cross had been painted on the front doors, likely in blood. Police took a sample of the material and are testing it to determine what exactly it is.

Police say they're taking this incident seriously, pointing to the symbol itself, and the fact it was potentially painted in blood. Chief Janice Blue said, "Due to the fact that it was a cross…We're just going investigate it and, you know, it could just be kids playing around. At this time we don't know.”

The church is just a short walk from the local high school and students often walk by on their way to and from class. The Church of the Nazarene has office hours weekday mornings until noon., so the cross could have been painted anytime between closing Monday and opening Tuesday.

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