Vandalism at my synagogue

| November 16, 2009

As a 12-year-old Jewish girl, I am very sad to say how my Synagogue ‘Am Shalom’ has been vandalized.

When I arrived on Saturday, Nov. 14, I was shocked to see that someone had painted a swastika in the middle of our Star of David facing Huronia Road.

Who would do such a thing?

This past week at Johnson Street Public School, my class has been learning about the Holocaust.

We recently went downtown to see ‘Hana’s Suitcase’ at the Barrie Film Festival. My class also took time to watch ‘The Boy in the Striped Pajamas’ and we all were very touched.

I think it’s very important that kids learn about what happened many years ago, so we all have more tolerance. This way, such an atrocity will never happen again.

I hope that whoever vandalized our temple will realize that this is wrong, and that all people should be treated with the same amount of respect.

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