Vandals Attack Two Sacramento Synagogues

| January 2, 2010

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) Vandals have hit two Sacramento synagogues — including one that had previously been destroyed by arsonists and rebuilt.

Sacramento County Sheriff's Department detectives spent New Year's Day morning at the Kenesset Israel Torah Center on Morse Avenue in Arden Arcade. That's where vandals spray painted offensive graffiti and damaged the building. "666" and "Satan" were spray painted in black on the brick facade of the center.

"Small minded people who come and act during the night," Center President Simone Clay told CBS13.

Rabbi Ian Bailey saw the messages of hate this morning. "It could be any type of people who are drunk or real Neo-Nazis. We don't have any clue right now."

The Center reopened in 2006 after being destroyed by arson in 1999. Two brothers, Benjamin and James Williams were convicted in that attack as well as fires at two other synagogues and an abortion clinic.
A mile away from the Torah Center on Northrop Avenue more vanadalism with the numbers '666' and 'Satan.' This time vandals spray painted cars and the sign of a nearby apartment complex.

Sacramento Sheriff's Department sergeant R.L. Davis said, "We think they are possibly going to be related, but we can't say that for sure becuase we haven't caught anybody."

The sheriff department is also investigating vandalism at the Congregation Beth Shalom on El Camino Real in Carmichael. It looks like the roof may have been spray painted months ago, but was only discovered today.

The Kenesset Israel Torah Center plans to leave the signs of hate up through Saturday, which is their Sabbath. They plan to clean up the mess on Sunday.

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