Vandals flood Loveland church

| May 19, 2010

LOVELAND, Colo. – Zion Lutheran Church in Loveland was drying out Wednesday after vandals got on the roof, tore away shingles, punched through a skylight and ran a garden hose inside, flooding the building.

Members of the church found a "whirling, splashing pool" when they showed up for services Sunday. Several inches of water covered the floor. "I don't know if anger is the right word… I'm just trying to understand why someone would do this," said pastor Joel Pancoast.

Pictures showed where vandals busted through the skylight in the roof and then threaded a hose down to flood the pews below.

"Speculating why this happened I don't think helps us any," church treasurer Scott Sprain said. "Some may be mad us, and if so, they can come talk to us. We're more interested in forgiveness than revenge, I think. It's sad that it happened, and we'll continue."

The damage occurred Saturday night or Sunday morning. Overturned air conditioning units littered the roof.

But for the congregations that is nearly as old as the community it's in, other things are more important. "The church, this is just a building you know," Pancoast said. "It's about the people. The church is the people."

Church members estimate that more than $5,000 of damage was done.

It could've been much worse according to Scott Sprain. The organ and grand piano were somehow spared from the water, and those items escaped damage.

A restoration company is working on drying out the walls and floors and repairing the roof and ceiling.,0,2480168.story


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