Vandals paint swastika on Valley synagogue

| August 13, 2010

SPOKANE VALLEY — In Spokane Valley the Kehilat HaMashiach Synagogue was vandalized Sunday when someone smeared their sign with a red swastika.

Four days later a white cloth covers the symbol but the congregation of the synagogue know all too well the meaning behind the symbol. They says they want to bring attention to this because they want people to know this type of hatred is still going on in our community.

Like pulling off a bandage covering a painful wound congregation leader David D'Auria unveils the swastika left on the sign of his synagogue.

“I was shocked, surprised and concerned,” he said.

D'Auria discovered the marking Sunday morning.

“This is a hate crime; an act of hate against Jewish people,” he said.

The synagogue has been open just over five years, and while the property has been vandalized before but this is the first time they have received what they view as a direct threat.

“There is vandalism, the breaking of signs are one thing but this is target specific type of act it not only has hatred it’s hatred against a people,” D’Auria said.

“That symbol is more than just red paint on a sign its basically a death threat,” congregation member John Johnson said.

D'Auria and members of his congregation admit this sign causes a level of fear in their community but more than anything it causes sadness “that people out of ignorance or a careless act they don't know what they are doing can do such a thing that will have such an effect.”

The synagogue has plans to paint over the swastika Friday. Police in the meantime say they have no suspects in the case.

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