Vandals strike Arlington church delivery truck

| March 7, 2010

ARLINGTON, Wash. – Who would trash a church truck used to feed the homeless? That's what police and members of the Point Church in Arlington are asking.

For Pastor Mike Zachman and Patty Kellogg, it was a heartbreaking sight to see.

"They destroyed the trailer hitch," said Pastor Zachman, "They tried to start a fire, they cut the wires trying to steal the truck. They dumped all of the silverware and pancake mix and they also damaged our bus, sprayed it with fire extinguisher as well."

"I felt very sad because we had 60 70 guys waiting for breakfast this morning," said Kellogg.

Every Saturday for the last six years, volunteers have driven the van to Everett to feed close to 100 men and women.

"Here we are helping people and you know kids are out having some fun supposedly but they're taking away from people who literally need to eat right now, especially in this economy," said Pastor Zachman.

The church will now have to raise money for a new van. Pastor Zachman says he's OK with that. He's bothered that whoever did this would have such disregard for others.

"I just warn them to watch – if it doesn't catch with them on this side of eternity it will when they face their maker," he said.

The pastor estimates they lost about $500 to $600 worth of food. They haven't gotten an estimate on how much it will cost to repair the van, but they suspect it might cost less to just buy another one. If you have any information on who might have done this, call Arlington Police.


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