Woman, Kids Accused In Church Theft

| April 29, 2010

FREDERICK, Okla. — Police said an Oklahoma woman used two young children to help her break into a Frederick church.

Carla Scott, 45, is accused of stealing thousands of dollars worth of music equipment. Police said she and the two children also cased the church during services to see what they could steal.

"Gosh, what kind of family activity is that? Let's go knock over a church?" said Gary Cole, who just got his stolen keyboards back from police.

He said he tested the keyboards out right away in order to help the church's children.

"We have students that play the keyboards and the entertainment equipment in there. The kids use them all the time," Cole said. "You don't have adults using any of this stuff."

Police said they found all of the equipment at the one of one of the people they arrested.

Cole said the break-in was simple.

"We didn't really check the third floor. We didn't check it, so when I came up, I checked that corner. The glass door was broken, so I thought, 'No problem.' And I leaned over and saw the keyboards were gone," he said.

He said when he took a closer look, he noticed that mixer were also taken, and a glass door was broken out.

"They just make their way up this back stairway and took some of these chairs stacked out there," Cole said. "(It) looks like they knocked a window out with one of these chairs here and crawled in."

He said it looked like someone crawled in through a back space that most adults don't know about.

"Kids that have been here in children's programs and everything tell each other," he said. "(It was) junior high kids is what the police told me."

He said that while it seems the children may not have learned good lessons in church, he hopes they've learned one now.

Police said the two juveniles are in protective custody. Scott has been charged with burglary and possession of stolen property.



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